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“I have managed a large number of environmental study projects in which GEMMS have contributed the marine modelling component (3D hydrodynamics, dredging, oil spills, brine discharges, storm surges etc.). GEMMS are the only Australian group I know that have developed 3D ocean models and I believe that they deliver a higher level scientific contribution to environmental studies than most of their overseas competitiors”

– Ian LeProvost, Marine Scientist, LeProvost Environmental (formerly URS and LeProvost, Dames and Moore).

“Whilst I was CEO of the Perth office of URS, and subsequently in my own consulting company (Innovative Solutions), I managed many projects which included the oceanographic expertise of GEMMS. They not only provide quality 3D ocean modelling (where competitors might only offer 2D ocean models) but also important expertise in oceanography which complements the skills and requirements of coastal engineers.”

– Tony Byrne, Coastal Engineer.

“My company, WardKarlson Consulting, sought out GEMMS to work with us in the Middle East, to provide marine services for environmental projects, because we believe they deliver a quality of oceanographic input which is generally higher than is currently available in the region.”

– Tristan Coleman, WKC, UAE

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